Solunar times for Saint George, Saint George, Bermuda

Day Rating:

Date Apr 24, 2024
Location Fort George, Bermuda
Day Rating
Best Time 00:18 - 02:18
Best Time 12:49 - 14:49
Second Best Time 05:48 - 07:48
Second Best Time 19:50 - 21:50
Sunrise 06:38
Sunset 19:55
Moonrise 20:50
Moonset 06:48
Moonphase Full Moon
Moon Illumination 100%
TideStation Bermuda Esso Pier, St. Georges, Bermuda
Low Tide 03:41 at -0.02 mm
High Tide 09:35 at 0.68 mm
Low Tide 15:31 at -0.03 mm
High Tide 21:55 at 0.87 mm

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How to read and use the graph

Solunar Clock is designed to display a fishing times chart combined with tide times and other solunar events in an easy to read graph. At a quick glance you can get an idea of what fishing might be like on a particular day and decide when is the best time for you to go fishing. You probably know that fish are not biting nonstop. They have feeding times just like us. Solunar Charts can calculate those feeding times. The calculations are based on Sun and Moon movements. Our Solunar Clock also shows you tide times if available, since they are also important for salt water fishing.

Look out for those days where major or minor times and high or low tide are an hour or two after sunrise or two hours before sunset. In other words try to find days where you can line up as many events as possible with sunrise or sunset and you'll be surprised how good the fishing will be. If you can't go around sunrise/sunset on those days your next best bet would be to fish during major or minior fishing times on days with a good rating (fish symbols).

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  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Moonrise
  • Moonset
  • Center: Moonphase
  • Gray Line: Current Time
  • Long light green cones: Major Solunar Fishing Times
  • Short dark green cones: Minor Solunar Fishing Times
  • Long light blue cones: High Tide Times
  • Long dark blue cones: Low Tide times
  • Day Rating (4 stars is best)